There is a revolution taking place today in the health care industry that is affecting employee benefit plans everywhere. As consumers, we will be taking on a greater role in controlling our health care costs. HRA, Inc. knows that many of the changes and new benefits can be confusing, and in order for you to make the best decisions about your benefit plan, you need information that is to the point and easy to understand.
With FSA and HRA administration from Human Resource Administrators, Inc., you get:
Our team at HRA, Inc. is here to help.  If you need assistance with your FSA or HRA account, we are here for you.

  • Direct Deposit availability for employee reimbursement
  • FSA, HSA and HRA enrollment support
  • 24 / 7 Online employee balances and employee reporting
  • Toll-free Call Center
  • Debit Card which can be a combined card for HRA & FSA reimbursement

If you need assistance with your FSA, HSA or HRA account, we are here for you.

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