Winning UpdatedJon Warner, owner of Human Resource Administrators, Inc., offers his 30 years of experience and insight helping people to navigate the American health care and insurance system in How to Win the Health Care Game.

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HRA, Inc. prides itself in offering a variety of quality employee benefit services.

Our Vision is to educate people about accepting reasonable risk for health coverage, which lowers premiums and increases cost awareness and savings opportunities for future health care needs.  Our business is rooted in assisting employees and their families to maximize cash flow efficiency in their pre-tax payment of qualified health care expenses.

We administer Flexible Spending Accounts that assist participants in setting aside pretax dollars to pay for items not covered by typical health insurance including qualified child care expenses.

  • Employees Save by paying out-of-pocket expenses with pretax dollars.
  • Employers Save by not being required to pay FICA taxes on the amounts set aside.

We administer Health Savings Accounts in which participants can pay for qualified medical expenses with pre-tax dollars

  • Unlike an FSA, funds roll over and accumulate from year to year
  • Helps to save for future health care expenses

We administer Health Reimbursement Arrangements for employers with Consumer Directed Up Front Deductible Health Plans.

  • These plans reimburse participants a portion of health insurance deductible. Unused HRA funds may rollover to the next year based on employer plan choices, promoting consumerism. HRA funds are deductible to the company and non-taxable to the employee.

We administer Self Insured Dental and Vision Plans

  • These plans are cost saving alternatives to traditional dental or vision programs.  They allow for 100% coverage to a maximum allowance and eliminate the need to go to a network doctor or facility.

We administer COBRA

  • Our COBRA program is designed to ensure that employers meet the total compliance of COBRA's stringent requirements.

We administer IRC 6055 and 6056 Reporting

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created new reporting requirements under IRS (Code) Section 6055 and 6056.  Human Resource Administrators, Inc. offers a comprehensive process that can compile the necessary information and prepare the distributions to the IRS and to our employees.
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